Knit + Crochet Patterns

If you’re looking for a gigantic, unspun, wool roving blanket knitting PATTERN, you’ve come to the right place!!  I started making these beautiful beasts about 2 years ago and every time I’d knit one up, it would sell immediately. I’m not sure if you can tell by the last photo, but I use large PVC pipes with duct tape on the ends to do all my knitting. Yes, they are heavy and yes, you will get a good upper body workout by knitting this bad boy.

The material needed to make this blanket does NOT come cheap. For 8 pounds of wool roving, I pay anywhere between $120-$150 and that is only for the natural color. If I wanted to buy the roving dyed, it would cost me twice as much! Ouch! Honestly, I’m always searching out ways to source my wool for less money so that I can pass on the savings to my customers, but so far, I’m having a really hard time.

To purchase the pattern, please go here.

To purchase a finished blanket, please go here.